Technifex is pleased to announce Ian Mac Vittie has joined Technifex as Executive Vice President of Technifex XR. Ian is the most recent themed entertainment industry veteran to join Technifex’s growing executive team following earlier appointments of Duf Sundheim, Director of Strategic Planning/Legal Counsel, John Polk, Vice President, Senior Project Director, and Howard Smith, Vice President Production. Technifex is growing their leadership team, launching new subsidiaries and scaling new business verticals to take advantage of opportunities in present and new markets and to leverage Technifex’s development of new technologies.

Ian comes to Technifex after a 22-year career with Walt Disney Imagineering. As an award- winning thought leader and trailblazer for Disney, Ian empowered multinational teams to embrace disruptive technologies and revolutionized processes that resulted in the engineering of unforgettable and award-winning animation systems and environments worldwide. Ian transformed Disney’s animation design and manufacturing of animated figures through digital pipelines, advance additive manufacturing techniques, technical innovation and digital simulation that has set the bar for many industries. As a trusted partner with Oriental Land Company, Ian was recruited to spearhead the design and production of the largest animation and show systems expansion for the Tokyo Disney Seas project. In this role, Ian streamlined animation production strategies, developed show systems integration and built a robust global vendor network.

Ian is known for his team building and ability to forge strong relationships with strategic partners to achieve success. He is an executive leader who understands technology, regardless of complexity and knows what it takes to develop and integrate technologies into compelling storytelling environments. Ian is a strategic forward thinker who is not afraid to challenge paradigms and norms in pursuit of innovation and provides a genuine leadership style that motivates and inspires people to achieve the unachievable.

Ian will lead Technifex’s new Technifex XR subsidiary, reporting directly to Monty Lunde, President/CEO of Technifex. Technifex XR creates immersive training and simulation experiences, utilizing a myriad of extended reality technologies to stimulate the senses. Technifex XR is focused on providing services to the military and first-responder communities who need authentic combat and tactical simulations and training environments. Utilizing Technifex’s super realistic special effects, combined with sensory laden virtual reality worlds, Technifex XR provides highly realistic, controlled and safe training experiences.

“I am extremely excited to have Ian join our team at Technifex. With our 37 years of experience engineering and producing immersive entertainment systems, the addition of Ian and his global entertainment experience, exceptional technical skills and innovative thinking adds greatly to our brain trust. He also provides focus as we grow Technifex XR to be a premier supplier of highly immersive and visceral training systems. Technifex XR will create training scenarios that are unlike anything on the market” states Monty Lunde.

“I’m very happy to be joining Technifex at this pivotal moment and working closely with Monty and the team. I look forward to further strengthening Technifex XR alliances and producing immersive training and simulation environments that set new standards in the industry,” adds Ian Mac Vittie.

Technifex XR produces immersive virtual and practical training and simulation experiences that activate the senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and motion – producing custom engineered and fabricated mechanical and atmospheric special effects, motion systems, haptics, and VR-enabled training systems that meet specific military and first-responder requirements.

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