REAL Training™ Saves Real Lives


Military Training

First Responder Training

Sensory FX

At Technifex XR, we design, engineer, and produce the best immersive, multi-sensory, hyper-realistic mission preparation and training simulation environments on the planet for Military, First Responders, and Emergency Preparedness.  

We call it REAL Training™

  • REAL Training™ increases preparedness and mission survivability
  • REAL Training™ makes you more efficient and more effective.
  • REAL Training™ saves real lives.
  • REAL Training™ saves real money

Get REAL Training™ for your teams. Save real lives.

REAL Training™ Saves Real Lives

Our Systems Can Incorporate:

Water Effects • Fire Effects • Smoke Effects • Wind • Fog System
Rain Effects • Mist System • Heat Effects • Simulated Explosions
Motion Base • Scent System • Surround Sound • VR/AR/MR/XR

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