Robert (Zack) Zackery, ex-USAF TACP/Special Operator joins Technifex XR team

As a consultant, Zack will introduce and build key strategic alliances within the defense industry’s training and simulation divisions for Technifex XR.

Working directly with Monty Lunde, Founder of Technifex, Zack has been retained to further relationships within military sectors who utilize dynamic and bespoke simulation and training systems.  Zack’s past leadership role and connections within the military enhances Technifex’s ability to provide consultancy, design and fabrication  services for the production of world-class training systems to all branches of the military, ultimately to help save the lives of those that serve.

Robert L. Zackery III, President of Primer Development Group, LLC, possesses nearly three decades of extensive experience in coaching, developing, leading, and training individuals and teams to succeed. Zack is also a Senior Fellow at The Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress (CSPC), Washington D.C.

As owner of Primer Development Group Zack specializes in Strategic Thinking and Operational Problem-Solving, Organizational Design and Culture, Special Operation Forces (SOF) In Great Power Competition, Mission-Driven DEI, Crisis Leadership, and Adaptive and Ethical Leadership. Primer Development Group has delivered consulting services for Fortune 100 companies, city law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Defense.

He holds a graduate-level academic background in Strategic Leadership. Zack has earned certificates from esteemed institutions including Harvard, MIT, the University of North Carolina, and the University of South Florida. Zack is a retired USAF TACP/Special Operator and Command Chief Master Sergeant with nine combat deployments, including the initial invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Additionally, he fostered partnership capacity with 22 nations on behalf of the Department of State and Department of Defense.

Zack led institutional change within the 74,000-strong U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), collecting functional data and delivering operational recommendations to the Commander, as directed by the President of the United States, with oversight from the Secretary of Defense and Congress.

He’s also a badass paratrooper with crazy stories to share. Welcome Zack to the team!