Technifex XR

Since the beginning of military training, the continuous goal has always been to make training as realistic as possible, while maintaining the highest level of safety.  With all of the advancements in training, the recreation of “Danger Close” engagements in fully immersed scenarios has evaded the training arena……until now.  

Operational now, is the true future of realistic military training.  Technifex XR brings more than  visual imagery to the participants.  Imagine experiencing not only the sights and sounds of close combat, but the heat, smell, impact and other sensations, all in a measurable and controlled environment.  Add to this, real-time drop and play satellite imagery, the ability to track biometrics, the integration of tracking and training reporting systems and the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI).

For over 35 years, Technifex and been a leader in bringing realism and immersive sensations to the  entertainment and amusement park industry.  We have now brought that full and complete immersion to the Department of Defense and its Coalition partners training capabilities.  Technifex Extreme Reality systems can be designed and produced to support Special Operations Ground Force Command & Control, Joint Terminal Attack Control, Rescue and Recovery Operations, Undergraduate Pilot Training & Selection, Flight Ejections Operations, Advanced Fighter & Flight Training, Military Freefall and Airborne Jump operations and more.  


  • Fire Effects (Real or Simulated)
  • Water Effects (Mist and Rain)
  • Atmospheric Effects (Smoke and Fog)
  • Wind Effects
  • Scent Systems
  • Motion Base/Platform Systems
  • Simulated Explosions
  • VR/AR/MR
  • Impact Effects (Impact Ram and Concussive Wave)
  • Lightning Effects
  • Video/Audio Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication

Proud member of:


  • IED Battle Drill Trainer: Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (DoD)
  • Hazmat Trainer: Los Angeles County Fire Department – Del Valle Training Center
  • Rumble Platform: Institute for Creative Technologies – University of Southern California
  • Simulated Fire System (FauxFire®): DEA Clandestine Laboratory Training and Research Center 
  • Consultant: Office of Government Services: New York State Homeland Security
  • Consultant: Fort Irwin National Training Center

Technifex Organizations

Technifex Inc.

Technifex is a global leader in technical design, engineering and fabrication of special effects and show systems for theme parks, attractions, immersive experiences, museums, resorts/hotels, iconic permanent exhibits, training simulators, live shows and events.  

Technifex has produced shows and special effects for attractions around the world, including unforgettable features for major theme parks, world-renowned casinos, high profile hospitality venues, major trade shows, special events, retail centers, museums and theaters. Technifex engineers and craftsmen have expertise in the design and production of turnkey attractions, live and simulated fire and flame features, fluid and water effects, show action equipment, mechanical simulation systems, visual illusions, control interfaces, and specialty audio and video systems.


Technifex Products LLC.

Technifex Products carries lines of special effect specialty products originating from patents developed by its parent company Technifex. Technifex custom designs, engineers and produces technical show elements for theme parks, attractions, museums, and themed experiences.