4D JTAC VR Simulator

Technifex XR’s newest training system is a fully immersive JTAC training environment that touches a majority of the senses, all heightening a participant’s feeling of being in an actual war zone.  A motion base (floor) provides movement and replicates the shock waves of explosive blasts, vibration from heavy ground vehicles or overhead aircraft, thus completely immersing trainees in a battle scenario.  Virtual reality headsets provide visual input, while physical wind, rain, mist, heat blasts and other atmospheric effects batter trainees, further enhancing the reality of the training environment.  

Designed by Technifex XR, in concert with expert military consultants, this virtual training system is versatile and highly visceral, with new iterations of training experiences continuously being designed and implemented.  The entire 20’x30’ transportable training system can be set up quickly and operationally in almost any space.  With monitors placed above, non-participant military personnel can watch and learn in real-time.

System Features:

  • Floor Drop System
  • Heat Blast
  • Wind
  • Mist/Rain
  • Scent System
  • Simulated Shrapnel Hits
  • Audio/Video System
  • Biometrics